“Faux”cus Groups: Reimagining Groups to Uncover Behavioral Insights in User Research

Fifth Avenue

What if there was a way to take advantage of the benefits of group sessions without losing the individual depth of findings of 1:1 sessions?

Over the last 7 years, our team has applied numerous research methods to align with client needs and research goals. Having discovered firsthand that no research method is perfect, the team has created a new approach to group-based research. Inspired by Co-Design, Focus Groups, and Contextual Inquiry, we’ve combined individual activities with group sessions in order to bring to light individual’s experiences, motivations, and ideas without losing the creative aspect of the group dynamic. The approach, Collaborative Experience Mapping, allows participants to provide individual in-depth feedback while avoiding many of the pitfalls of group-based research.

We will present an interactive deep-dive into the nuances of our methodology; explain what we’ve learned throughout our projects and how you can apply it to your own research efforts.

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