Add Axure Prototyping Skills to Your UX Process

Tuesday 5:30pm to 9:30pm
Vashon 1

Are you Axure-curious or looking to improve your Axure confidence and skills? Do you wonder if prototyping or using Axure would improve your work or process?

Join our half-day workshop to learn Axure from one of their few recommended trainers, Debbie Levitt. Bring your laptop and work along with your trainer, who can troubleshoot with you if you're having any trouble.

The workshop will start with a quick look at prototyping in the UX process:

  • Why prototyping is important in a UX process.
  • How it helps with stakeholders, collaboration, and user testing.
  • How it can save time.
  • Why Axure is the best tool for flow charts, wireframes, and clickable interactive prototypes.

Since we can't learn all of Axure in a half day, we'll focus on some core beginner and intermediate skills including:

  • A tour of the software environment and capabilities.
  • Flow charts and wireframes.
  • Some beginner and intermediate techniques and skills.
  • Sharing and publishing your Axure work for others.
  • How to "think like Axure" so that beyond-beginner prototyping feels comfy?

Specific skills to be covered include:

  • The Axure environment.
  • Axure publishing, exporting, and synchronized team projects.
  • Widget and Page styles.
  • Widgets, Masters, Annotations, Documentation.
  • Naming conventions.
  • Flow charts and wireframing.
  • Building basic interactive forms.
  • Various examples of "dynamic panels," the element in Axure that makes things show, hide, move, or change.
  • Emulating mobile responsive design using Adaptive Views.

Handouts: None.

Pre-requisites: NONE.

Materials Needed: Bring your Mac or Windows laptop. Load it up with a trial or licensed copy of Axure RP Pro or Standard. You may have Axure version 7 or 8 though examples will be shown in Axure 8.

Target Audience: Anybody interested in learning more about Axure. IxDs, IAs, product designers, managers, devs, researchers, testers... anybody. This includes people who have used Axure for a while. Many of them missed key features and are using inefficient work-arounds that have simpler solutions.

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