Adversarial to Harmonious: Building the Developer / UX Connection

Cascade 2

Ever worked on a project where Design and Development blended like oil and water? Whether you're on a UX team of one, or designing with the help of a whole department, the success of your work ends up in the hands of a developer.

Teams with specialized skillsets and certain cross-team cultures can put up walls between designers and developers. We will deconstruct these adversarial relationships from real-world examples, then learn how to convince, collaborate, and co-create.

Being stuck in a storming phase isn’t good for you, your product, and ultimately your users. Bringing harmony to your team is important to your success and your sanity. Hone your best expertise to build relationships, handle differences of opinion, and learn to speak geek to be heard!

Walk out with tools and techniques to stay efficient and deliver the best possible experience for the real human beings who will use it.

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