Building Buy-In: Internally Positioning UX for Executive Impact

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Why can’t other people in your organization see what you see? That UX insights you uncovered will revolutionize your company and delight your customers like never before! Doesn’t everyone “get” UX nowadays?

The truth is more complicated than just recognizing UX value: Your professional goals and focus are different than those of others in your organization (e.g., C-Suite, Product Managers, Marketers, Developers) by design. What to do? Learn how to position and present your work for maximum uptake to ensure UX has a sizeable and valuable impact on your products and customer experience.

We reveal what we have learned – often the hard way – about linking UX research and design with organizational goals and strategic directives. With a little planning, you can to ensure your creative UX work has an influence and actually sees the light of day when the product is launched.

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