Coaching Lean Experiments in an Agile World

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"Innovate or Die.” In a hyper-competitive, fast-paced world, companies must increase their pace of learning and production to stay competitive. But being agile is no longer enough. Though much has been written about the benefits of adopting Lean UX and experimentation practices, even the best-intentioned leaders struggle with shifting ingrained work habits. Real culture change requires a new type of embedded leader: the Experiment Coach.

Learn 3 techniques that great Experiment Coaches use to create a culture of user-centric design and innovation:

  • Facilitating experiment planning using the Experiment Grid.
  • Building momentum by chaining experiments together.
  • Catalyzing culture change by focusing on user needs and behaviors.

You'll learn tools and processes to be a great coach, and hear stories of failures and successes from top companies. By the end of this interactive session, you will have run your first experiment and be on your way to becoming a great Experiment Coach.

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