Designing modern enterprise search and browse experiences

Tuesday 1:30pm to 5:15pm
Cascade 1

User experience designers are often tasked with helping users overcome information overload, as the volume of information grows on the web and inside organizational repositories. Enterprise search engines and structured browsing models are improving. But with new tools come more sophisticated design decisions.

This hands-on course takes participants on a journey through the evolving landscape, with a particular focus on the considerations for designing and evaluating the user experience. Participants will work in small groups to evaluate various types of existing search and browse interfaces, learning a “language” for different aspects of the experience that can be applied in their work.

We will also "look under the covers" to understand the way these tools operate. This provides participants with the language and conceptual framework to guide conversations with developers and content authors. As a bonus, we will discuss emerging interactions such as voice, federation, and semantic interpretation.

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