First Impressions Matter: Onboarding for First Time Users

Fifth Avenue

What kind of first impression is your web or mobile application making? It may not be what you would hope. Many SaaS applications’ free trials are used only once. Sources say 80-90% of mobile apps are downloaded, used once and deleted. First time user experience, while critical to product success, may not be getting the attention it deserves.

During onboarding, a first-time user must transition from novice to an engaged, active and repeat user. They must immediately recognize what they can do, how they can do it, and why it benefits them. This talk presents design principles for great onboarding experiences that engage and inform new users, helping them become productive quickly. We will discuss how to convey your value proposition, guide setup, remove barriers, streamline initial tasks via smart defaults, provide walkthroughs, and instruct at the point of use, drawing on examples from web applications, mobile apps, and devices.

Session Details