In-Flight Rerouting Decision Support System for Unexpected Weather Changes

Friday 10:00am to 11:00am
Grand Foyer

I investigated how an electronic tablet/device can be a solution for general aviation pilots. The aim was to describe the essential design requirements for a decision-support system as tablet-based flight planning app. Ultimately this app provides graphical information about weather changes (sudden) on current flight path and in-flight rerouting options.

First thing was the major need analyze of general aviation pilots. Most important need was the lack of in-flight rerouting options as graphical information. The meaning is when sudden weather changes occur on the current flight path, the pilot should be able to make a decision based on up-to-date weather information and optimized flight reroute suggestions.

As the first step, I interviewed with general aviation pilots using in-person interviews and online surveys. They provided major needs based on their experience, then I defined the first set of design requirements (DRs). The second step was the validation of DRs. General aviation pilots from Atlanta and Istanbul were invited to participate my study. I asked them to use my prototype application on an iPad and to comment on the DRs. After the experiment, I iterated the DRs and the prototype based on the feedback on the list and my prototype application. The results of experiments also showed that this system supports a pilot to make a better decision to reach destination point and increase their perception.

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