Intellectual Property and UX Design - The Preceding Year and the Next Decade

Vashon 1 and 2

Since last year's introductory patent presentation, a number of critical events have unfolded, further evidencing the increasing value of patents and other intellectual property in user experience design. While the patent war between Apple and Samsung rages on, companies like Google and Facebook are actively lobbying to change the value and meaning of design patents.

Understanding intellectual property and protecting your UX design solutions has never been more important, but patent law isn’t taught in design school and many designers have limited exposure in their work.

This presentation by design patent experts will cover recent trends in UX patents from the perspectives of design, business, and law, including:

  • How to understand user interface related patents
  • A review of recent relevant cases
  • Implications for the design process
  • Extensive audience Q&A time

Session Details