Mature Products: The Cycle of UX Reinvention

Cascade 2

As products mature, the user’s needs change over time and so must the way we work. This collaborative session will bring experienced practitioners together to compare their experiences working on mature software and complex Web applications. Together we will identify what has worked and what has not and provide the UX community with a set of best practices. 

Topics to be covered (attendees’ desired topics will be added): 

  • Adjusting staffing to meet changing needs 
  • Long term staffing considerations 
  • Models of growth and growing pains 
  • Challenges of product monitoring and regular maintenance 
  • Web Analytics 
  • A/B Testing 
  • NPS and other feedback 
  • Maturing UX within Agile environments 
  • Just-in-time maintenance balanced with strategic work 
  • Cadences for research and usability testing 
  • Product release cycles 
  • Managing expectations for long-term customers

Session Details