Models for leadership

Vashon 1 and 2

There are some models so relatable, so simple, so memorable, they are immediately useful. This talk will introduce models that foster leadership and are easy to apply to UX teams. One of the more important things you can do in user experience work is inspire others to achieve their best work. Based on research of over 7000 professionals, learn the four dimensions that differentiate your team members.

Instantly recognize interpersonal strengths, and reflect on how to balance your team, motivate and reward people for their strongest skills.

Learn to use a model rooted in therapy to guide and mentor others.

Leadership is not one-size-fits all. Understand different styles of leadership and when to apply them.

This talk is suitable for new and experienced UX practitioners mentoring other UXers, product teams or clients. It will help you develop more focused leadership skills and approaches when working with teams and individuals.

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