Practical Statistics for Non-Stats Geeks

Tuesday 8:30am to 12:30pm
Cascade 1

Statistics can be a great tool for a UX practitioner. In our course, we’ll start with the basics and walk through how to apply good statistics practices to a variety of data you’ll collect as a UX practitioner. Our topics will include a look at performance data (e.g., speed, accuracy), ratings (e.g., Likert scales, semantic differentials), card sort analyses, and a handful of standardized scales (e.g., SUS, NPS, BERT). For each topic area, we’ll talk about best practices for data handling, analyzing, and presenting. We’ll include a data set and some exercises for you to try out what you learn. At then end of our course, we’ll spend time talking about some common points of controversy you may encounter when using statistics and help you take a position with confidence. And we’ll do all this without losing you to geek-speak!

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