Presumptive Design: "It's not research! We're getting stuff done!"

Tuesday 1:30pm to 5:15pm
St. Helens

Agencies and client UX professionals alike point out a growing trend: companies are becoming allergic to research. Budgets are shrinking and making the case to leaders grows more difficult each month.

Working in small groups, professionals from across the UX spectrum (research, design and communications) will learn Presumptive Design (PrD), a technique for capturing the unmet, and often unspoken, needs of our stakeholders.

PrD *is* a research method, but because it begins with designing an artifact, stakeholders are far more receptive to it as a process. Further, the method is fast, reducing time *and cost* to insights.

Attendees will learn the theoretical frameworks behind PrD as well as gain hands-on experience practicing the method. By the end of the course, attendees will have completed one full cycle of a PrD engagement, including feedback from external users.

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