Re-use and Recycle: Building sustainable relationships with your users

Fifth Avenue

Usually, the primary goal of user research is to answer specific questions about a design. But what happens when you shift your primary objective from conducting research to “building a lasting relationship”? The presenters will share stories about how this approach has forever changed the breadth and depth of information that they learn about users, and how it’s actually made some of the hardest parts of enterprise research, such as recruiting users, easier.

You'll learn about

  • circumstances where this approach is (and is not) appropriate
  • specific tools and techniques to support relationship building
  • how this approach returns richer data which can more deeply impact products (and even the product team's culture)

Handouts will be provided.

This presentation is best suited for practitioners who work with enterprise or complex multi-use applications, and beginner to intermediate UX practitioners who as part of their job talk to users, regardless of their title.

Session Details