Tools and Techniques for Assessing Mobile User Experience

Friday 10:00am to 11:00am
Grand Foyer

The booming of mobile devices and applications has created an increasing demand for more usability research of mobile applications. Researchers hope to collect both objective and subjective data to assess the user experience. Objective data, such as task completion time, URL visits, keyboard entries and touch frequency are helpful in assessing efficiency and acceptance. To date, not many tools exist to capture this information on a mobile device. This poster will outline the challenges of mobile device/application usability testing and provide techniques on how to capture a range of objective and subjective data to assess usability for both Android and iOS devices.  To understand the tool and techniques, conference attendees will be able to view a demo of the tool and learn how they can log objective and subjective data, run simple analyses, and generate a usability report card reflecting mobile user experience.

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