VR Demystified: Delivering Experiences Beyond the Screen

Cascade 2

If you ask people what they think about Virtual Reality – they think to what it was in the 80’s and 90’s – and you get interesting reactions: laughter, head shakes; few people take it seriously. Now is the time to set aside those memories and preconceived ideas about what could have been. The technology to create immersive reality experiences as well as smart phone adoption rates has finally enabled Virtual Reality to become – reality.

  • Brief history of VR that demonstrates the simplicity of the technology
  • Why it matters todayPractical applications of VR
  • The near future of VR
  • Immersive experience research & design considerations (VR sickness, interaction patterns, etc.)
  • Live demonstration: An audience member will participate in a live demo of two low-fi VR experiences with real-time measurement of physical reactions, such as heart rate, to the immersion (1 ""relaxing"" experience versus 1 ""exciting"" experience).

Session Details