What's the Most Effective Way to Present Two-State Toggle Buttons?

Friday 10:00am to 11:00am
Grand Foyer

Two-state toggle buttons (e.g., On/Off, Yes/No, etc) are very common on web sites and in mobile apps. Both the Android and iOS toolkits have standard (different) versions. In the old days, we used two radio buttons for this.  In doing some usability testing of pages that contained toggle buttons (using a standard we had adopted), we noticed that some users hesitated when determining what the current state of the toggle was.  So we did a “Design Challenge” within our UX department. We asked people to come up with the best designs they could for displaying two-state toggle buttons. We narrowed the submissions down to 15 different designs that we tested in an online study with 371 participants. We measured speed and accuracy in identifying the current state and in switching to the other state. And we measured preference. Come to this poster session to see which design won!

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