Who's Using Our Product? A Story of Enterprise UX Research

Fifth Avenue

In the world of continuous improvement, there is a concept called ‘gemba’ – or the personal observation of real work happening in its real place. Within the oft-maligned enterprise software design space, accessing actual end-users can be extremely difficult... figuring out who's using our product can be seemingly impossible!

As a user researcher, how do you gain an understanding of the current product and inform future design decisions? How do you navigate your way to meaningful insights?

Within our own user research team at Intralinks, we have been figuring out ways to unlock access to the end-users of our enterprise file-sharing product. It has proved far more challenging than we expected.

Here we aim to go beyond a list of cliché lessons by sharing our practical and tactical steps to: identifying customer ‘ownership,’ gaining access to customer information, gauging customer temperament, accounting for product strategy, accelerating learning, and more.

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