Janice Rohn

Janice Rohn
Wynward Group
Vice President, User Experience

Janice Rohn is an executive leader in the field of User Experience, and has built, mentored, and managed teams in user experience, front-end development, content, product management, strategy, search, and globalization. She has extensive experience creating market-leading designs for web applications, websites, mobile apps, interactive TV, software, and hardware design. She has built and led User Experience (UX) teams at AT&T, Experian, World Savings Bank, Siebel Systems, Sun Microsystems, and most recently two start-ups, where she worked on information visualization, simplifying complex user workflows, big data, analytics, and reporting.

Janice began her career in technology while working as a researcher at Stanford University, and then joined Apple, where she was a co-author of the Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines and co-designed OS 7, QuickTime, the PowerBooks, and other products. She has been responsible for creating and launching hundreds of successful products and services, a number of which have won awards. Janice is an expert on the full product lifecycle and UX research, design, and development methods.

One of Janice's specialties is in UX leadership best-practices. Janice currently teaches a series of courses around the world on Leading Highly Effective UX Teams for the Nielsen Norman Group, and she has led numerous workshops, panels, and SIGs on UX leadership at CHI. Janice is a past President and a founding Board Member of the Usability Professionals’ Association (UXPA), and has been both the Usability and Management Co-Chairs for numerous Human Computer Interaction (CHI) conferences. She worked with Vice-President Gore’s office and members of Congress to raise the awareness of the economic benefits and competitive advantages of user experience. Janice has over 50 publications, has presented at numerous conferences, given keynote speeches, and also guest lectures at many universities.

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