Stephanie Rosenbaum

TecEd, Inc.

Stephanie Rosenbaum is CEO of TecEd, Inc., whose clients include Google, VMware, Varian Medical Systems, Ford Motor Company, Cisco Systems, and a wide variety of smaller firms. Stephanie has attended all but two of the past UPA/UXPA conferences and presented at most of them; she is also active in ACM SIGCHI, received the STC’s Rainey Award for Excellence in Research, and was awarded an IEEE Millennium Medal in 2000. She co-authored a chapter on ROI in Cost-Justifying Usability, contributed an invited chapter on “The Future of Usability Evaluation” to Maturing Usability, and spoke at a recent IEEE conference on Communication in a Self-Service Society.

Judith Ramey is professor emerita at the University of Washington in Seattle, where she chaired the Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering and directed the Laboratory for Usability Testing and Evaluation. She recently served as interim dean of the College of Engineering, and now administers the University of Washington Royalty Research Fund, a program that redirects intellectual-property revenues as seed money to fund new research efforts across the university. Judy has facilitated workshops at many UPA/UXPA and SIGCHI conferences. She has edited or co-edited two journal special issues on usability and co-edited Field Methods Casebook for Software Design on user experience field research methods.

Thea van der Geest is a professor in the Department of Media, Communication and Organisations at the University of Twente and research professor in Media Design at HAN University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands. She leads a research center and teaches graduate courses on topics such as Human-Centered Design for New Media and Personalized Service Design. She is principal investigator and supervisor of numerous e-government service R&D projects, reported in journals such as Technical Communication and Government Information Quarterly.