Collaboration Session

Collaboration sessions provide a forum for experienced practitioners to do a “deep dive” into a topic of interest during a half-day session. The leader acts as a facilitator or moderator of an advanced brainstorming session among colleagues, in which all attendees are expected to present examples and participate actively in the discussion.

Before the conference, any interested attendees are required to submit a position paper describing their background in the topic and providing input to the discussion, such as case studies or lessons learned from their work relevant to the topic. Some sessions require additional pre-conference work such as completing a survey, preparing a demo, or collecting and sharing examples for discussion with the group.

Ethnography and diary studies:Turning messy data into practical value

More organizations are embracing qualitative methods like ethnographic studies and video diaries. As design researchers we can see the value of early contextual research, but how does that translate into actionable insights? In this collaboration, we convene an expert group of UX practitioners engaged in contextual research to talk about what we do and how we do it. We will share and learn from each other and collect success stories, challenges, and failures to share with the broader UXPA community.

Research Tools You Never Try - Now You Can!

Online/digital research tools have proliferated over the last decade. It's hard to know if a tool can help you solve a research question unless you use it directly.

Barriers get in the way of trying new tools, including:

  • knowing which tools are the right fit for your need(s)
  • wading through marketing messages
  • time and costs to pilot
  • the risk of a tool not yielding the results you need

That's why you need this Collaboration Session!