Career Development and Management

What is the next step for your career and how are you going to get there? EX: best ways to develop hard and soft skills and large vs. small company vs. agency vs. independent contractor UXers and how to determine which is the best for you.

Women of UX Panel

Come and hear from our distinguished panel tell how they got into the field of UX, their career progression and how being a woman has impacted their career and any struggles they have had along the way.

Models for leadership

There are some models so relatable, so simple, so memorable, they are immediately useful. This talk will introduce models that foster leadership and are easy to apply to UX teams. One of the more important things you can do in user experience work is inspire others to achieve their best work. Based on research of over 7000 professionals, learn the four dimensions that differentiate your team members.

Instantly recognize interpersonal strengths, and reflect on how to balance your team, motivate and reward people for their strongest skills.

CANCELLED: UX + Sales: Crafting the Prospective Client Experience

The UX world is thick with agencies; from boutique shops to large firms, everyone bids for the same projects. On this crowded playing field, there's an art to selling your expertise, and the secret hides in what you already know: user experience. Drawing from her personal experience and from established UX techniques – active listening, journey mapping, attention to craft, and more – Heather will help you define and improve your sales cycle to win more sales.

Better UX Can Start With Motivation and Management

A UX professional has the power to heavily influence the success or failure of an entire business – product, service or otherwise. What we forget is that UX professionals are in fact human. We have the same or similar physical, emotional and experiential habits, outlooks and desires as the users we’re designing for. Humans design for humans. Therefore, it’s important to focus on the human, emotional aspect of our UX teams.

Successful design is built not just on our expertise, but our enjoyment in the craft of building itself.

The A-Team: How to build a UX team with strengths-based leadership

UX teams are comprised of people with unique strengths that enable them to approach design and user experience challenges from multiple perspectives. Surprisingly, however, these unique traits often go ignored under the assumption that all leaders look and perform the same. Leading a UX team or project using these strengths not only helps designers and researchers contribute more effectively, but also empowers them to take the lead on work that is personally meaningful and satisfying.

Career Crossroads: Navigating Your Next Professional Move

Have you reached an inflection point in your career? Not sure how to get to the next step – or even what the next step will be? In this hands-on session, you will get an overview of the hiring landscape and salary trends for UX professionals. You’ll hear about the most in-demand positions and skills that employers are willing to pay a premium for – and learn how you can target your own skill set to those opportunities.

Using UX skills to craft your career

This presentation will approach the unique challenges that UX professionals face when crafting their career path and finding roles that are both appropriate fits for their existing skillsets and offer opportunities to grow.  It will help the attendees understand UX career options and help them craft their work samples and personal interactions to maximize their chances for success, whatever that looks like to them.  Participants will learn to use the core concepts they utilize for their project work to how they present themselves and their work.
I’ll cover: