Interaction Design

Synthesizing user experience research and creating designs to meet customers’ needs. EX: Best practices to use pattern libraries, latest trends, principles of interaction design, designing for enterprise applications, what we can do vs. what is helpful to customers, and what fidelity is the best fidelity.

In-Flight Rerouting Decision Support System for Unexpected Weather Changes

I investigated how an electronic tablet/device can be a solution for general aviation pilots. The aim was to describe the essential design requirements for a decision-support system as tablet-based flight planning app. Ultimately this app provides graphical information about weather changes (sudden) on current flight path and in-flight rerouting options.

Prototyping - 4 Strategic Factors for Designers

Good design teams prototype – often. This presentation takes a hard look at prototyping and provides a framework for assessing the prototyping needs of a team or project. If you have a “standard approach” to prototyping this session will help you re-think your prototyping strategy. If your prototypes are usually created in a similar way, this session will help expand your knowledge of prototyping and ways you can change what you’re doing to be more effective and efficient.

Customer Experience & User Experience - is the union greater than the sum of the parts?

This presentation will bring to focus CX & UX disciplines and the synergies in their approach to solving customer problems. We will talk about a model where CX & UX disciplines will need to work together through shared processes and deliverables. The cooperation and coexistence of the groups allows for unifying experiences for customers across multiple channels and devices.

Can Single Page Applications Deliver a World-Class Web UX?

By reducing the number of round trips to the server, Single Page Applications (SPA) promise a better user experience through improved performance and shorter load times. We discuss the benefits and limitations single page applications from a UX-focus perspective: How fast is fast enough? What are the tradeoffs and are they worth it? Besides a faster site, what other positives outweigh the tradeoffs? We look to two Citrix products, GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar, that have transitioned to SPA and resolve whether the new framework presents a clear advantage for the end user experience.

Design patterns for government services: A community, not a library

How can you build great services when you have designers dispersed between many different teams?

At the UK Government Digital Service, that’s the challenge we face. We want government services to be ‘consistent, not uniform’. But when we looked at some of them, we discovered that we weren’t consistent. Even for something as simple as asking for a date of birth, we had different ways to do it - and we learned that some are much more successful than others.

Designing Great Dashboards for SaaS and Enterprise Applications

Many SaaS and enterprise applications today provide dashboards giving users an overview of how their business is performing and summarizing the work that needs to be done. Dashboards present a great opportunity to improve user experience by providing quick answers to users’ common questions, but they are also full of potential pitfalls for design. As UX design consultants, we are frequently asked to design (or redesign) dashboards for applications, and through that experience we have established best practices for dashboard design.