UX Strategy

The best ways to get UX practitioners involved in the bigger decisions and longer-term direction of the business. EX: Showing ROI, leveraging big data, where UX strategy sits and where should it sit within an organization, Agile & UCD, and Lean UX vs Lean Startup

This Makes Me Feel :) : Capturing Emotions in UX

Newsflash: we all have feelings. We feel them all the time, and those feelings are heightened when using a new product. The “feelings” or emotional experience is an important piece in the overall user experience of a product, but it is also an elusive piece. How to best capture the emotional experience is an important question in the field and UX professionals are tackling it in a number of different ways. In this talk, we will present our journey at UEGroup to understand how to best capture and quantify emotions in a lean way.

We are family: Integrating personas into your corporate culture

Personas can be a valuable representation of your customers in product development – especially at large organizations that have hundreds of products and projects. But once constructed, the challenge is to make them come alive for designers, product managers and business partners. This session covers methods – including games, stories and artifacts – UX researchers can use to promote shared ownership of your personas.

The Care and Feeding of Content Strategists (or Finding Your Inner Content Strategist)

As a UXer, how do you work most effectively with your content strategist...or how do you work without one? To get to those answers, we’ll look at what a content strategist typically does, what the impact of these tasks and thought processes can have on a project, and how UX interacts with - and benefits from - content strategy. We’ll look at the core pieces of content strategy as independently as possible from its place in any given workflow. Our discussion will include topics such as: message architecture, conversion points, content "chunks," content hierarchy, and navigation paths.

Strategic User Experience Management

Great user experience design begins with great user experience teams and managers. This course will help user experience managers, leaders and aspiring leaders to create exciting, actionable strategies that will amplify the impact of their teams within their organizations. It will provide insights and approaches that have proven to be best practices across our field, and support their application to advance the strategies, overcome obstacles and drive change.

Research in Practice | Findings UX Professionals should know about - 2016

Need to catch up on the emerging research? Tired of slogging through papers that are so dense they make your head spin? Or that don’t apply to anything you care about? Or both?

This tutorial is for you. Research in Practice offers a fast-paced, way to update your knowledge of emerging research about UX practices, methods and user behaviors.