Visual Design

Visual communication, and problem-solving through the use of type, space, image, and color. EX: Establishing and leveraging style guides, how to increase your skills, putting basic elements and principles into practice, image blocking, responsive design, minimalism vs vintage, logo design and infographic creation and design.

Stop guessing colors! A system to help you build a UX Design color palette.

Picking colors is often frustrating: so many options! Art history, cultural differences, color theory, brand guidelines, and usability inform our decisions.

This presentation offers a systematic approach to color for UX design. Based on value contrast first, we will approach color selection as a system, rather than a series of unrelated choices.

What's the Most Effective Way to Present Two-State Toggle Buttons?

Two-state toggle buttons (e.g., On/Off, Yes/No, etc) are very common on web sites and in mobile apps. Both the Android and iOS toolkits have standard (different) versions. In the old days, we used two radio buttons for this.  In doing some usability testing of pages that contained toggle buttons (using a standard we had adopted), we noticed that some users hesitated when determining what the current state of the toggle was.  So we did a “Design Challenge” within our UX department. We asked people to come up with the best designs they could for displaying two-state toggle buttons.

Under the knife: plastic surgery for classic software

How can you tackle the process of updating a mature interface? In this presentation, I will discuss our team’s approach to quickly transform the look and feel of GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and GoToTraining for Mac over a period of four months. Learn how we kept our project on track by saying no to all but the most essential improvements, and how we incorporated design feedback without falling prey to out-of-scope requirements. I'll explain my design process and how I supported the team in my role as scrum master.

Design Accessibly: Color Contrast Tips and Tools for Designers

This talk will show why designing with sufficient color contrast is important, and will cover tips and tools you can use to help assess and improve the visual contrast between the content and the background for online user experiences. Learn how to improve the usability and readability for differently sighted users and everyone who may use products you have designed.