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Listen In: Using the Power of Podcasts for Insights

Friday, June 14  -  9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern / 6pm Central European

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Podcasts continue to grow in popularity for sharing and learning. How can insights professionals put the medium to use? In this session we’ll talk about how you can harness the storytelling power of podcasts for not only delivering insights, but also gathering insights.

Presented by Casey Bernard

​Casey Bernard began her career in Marketing research in 2003 after receiving her MSMR from UT Arlington. She worked for research agencies and advertising agencies on major CPG, financial services, pharmaceutical, and utility brands in both traditional marketing research studies and early social media research. Today, she works as an independent qualitative research consultant in Austin, Texas where her work has included in person and online qualitative work for major retailers, medical services, higher education, professional services and international brands.

In 2016, she began producing a podcast for a social media client with a friend who has a significant YouTube following. In 2018 the podcast launched a new concept for her research work as she saw the opportunity for research professionals to tap into the medium for producing more engaging reports.

Her company, Nimble Market Research, became Nimble Modern Radio as Casey is now consulting both research professionals and small businesses on podcast production. She recently released the first episode of her podcast, Breaking Research, focused on issues in marketing research and features professionals who are breaking research traditions to find new ways of getting insights.



UX Marketing: un enfoque de UX para incrementar la conversión

miércoles, julio 3 - Hora: 8:00 am Los Angeles / 9:00 am Guatemala / 10:00 am México, Lima / 11:00 am Santiago / 12:00 pm Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires

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​UX Marketing es el enfoque de Talámica Øptimization de experiencia de usuario orientado a lograr objetivos de marketing. Ayuda a crear y optimizar sitios web, landing pages o apps, a través de una estrategia de diseño clara, permitiéndoles elaborar fácilmente hipótesis de diseño que puedan poner a prueba a través de experimentos que mejoren su tasa de conversión.

El componente central de UX Marketing es el Modelo CCC, compuesto de tres factores, relevancia, influencia y usabilidad, con los que se toman decisiones de diseño que definen una estrategia de UX y Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

Presentado por: Juan-Francisco Reyes

Presenter Juan Francisco Reyes

Es consultor, investigador y profesor en Interacción Humano-Computadora aplicada a la creación de canales de marketing digital más efectivos. Se graduó como Bachiller en Comunicación Social en la Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos y tiene el grado de MsC en Interaction Design and Information Architecture por la Universidad de Baltimore (USA). Posee las certificaciones CUA (Certified Usability Analyst) y CXA (Certified User Experience Analyst), otorgadas por Human Factors International (USA). Con más de 20 años implementando canales de marketing digital, ha trabajado en proyectos de marcas líderes a nivel internacional. Ayuda a las marcas a lograr objetivos de marketing en Talámica Øptimization (talamica.com).


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